Outfit Question.

Imagine yourself as an old couple sitting at your huge house and having a nice conversation with your dear neighbor Justin Timberlake (you can change it to anybody who is in your mind :)). You will be talking about years when you were young and wild, ready for adventure, discussing some places that you visited together, smiles and emotions that you shared with each other.

You will open your engagements photos, these pictures will remind you of past years. But, there is a problem, you won’t find yourself on it. No, not because you are a vampire and the camera can’t catch Royals of the night, your favorite emerald dress mingled with trees on the background and you can see only your face hanging in the air as if you had an invisible cloak on your shoulders.

No worries, I am here for you. 

Like I wrote before, it is very important to choose an appropriate outfit according to your photo session. It can add new colors and mood on your photos. It can make you look better and complement your skin color, it can make you feel more confident and be queen and king of this huge world.


  1. You are perfect the way you are.

People say «Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.»

If you like maxi dresses and sandals, there is no need to wear mini and high heels for a photo session. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing make up, do you need it?

Be yourself! Because you are perfect the way you are, but remember that even very bright makeup looks pale on the photos, the camera «eats» some colors and leave your long «got it from my mama» lashes invisible. 


2. Feel comfortable

If you want your photo session to be very formal with standard posing, you can wear new shoes which can destroy your legs, even if it will be hard to stand still.

If you want some crazy emotions and smiles choose comfortable shoes and dance in front of the camera. Did it on my engagement session, a lot of fun by the way.

3. How many locations did you choose?

It is all about shoes. If you choose walkable locations that are more than 5 minutes apart, it is good to pack extra comfortable shoes to your bag. 

4. MDM (Maxi Dress Magic)

Don’t you know that maxi dress makes your photos look wonderful? 

You will look like a Cinderella who is going to visit her first ball and get rid of gorgeous pumps on the top of the staircase. We won’t tell the prince that these Crystal Pumps were just too uncomfortable to run into them. 

Honestly, I truly believe that maxi dress will make you look like a modern princess.

But, only if you feel comfortable. And don’t be afraid of sparkles. It is your time to shine!


5. Background Flop

Last but not least, you need to check out your location before the session. 

I don’t think you have been dreaming about chameleon outfit so you will easily mingle with leaves and bricks behind you. 

Ask for a piece of advice from your photographer about colors that look good with your location. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading these tips. Hope it made you smile and gave you some useful tips! :)

And remember that all that matters at the end of the day is you and your unique story.