Your first photo session.

Today we will talk about something important - your first photo session. I have 6 years of experience and I have some tips to help you “survive” your first photo session. It can be engagement, couple, family session or any other one.

First, you need to calm down.

I know, it is very exciting when you book your first photo session, but you need to be as calm as possible, it will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Look for some ideas on Pinterest.

  Photographer can’t read your mind. It is always a good idea to look for some inspiration on Pinterest. Save your favorite ones and show it to your photographer.

You need more than 30 minutes.

  When you are a beginner you need to know that the first 15 minutes you need to get used to the camera. If you have only half of an hour, it is nearly impossible to get beautiful photos. I always end up adding an extra 15 minutes, because I feel that couples need it.

Don't afraid to be weird.

At the beginning of the photo session, I ask my couples to do some weird posing. It helps to get used to the camera and forget that there is the third wheel behind it. One of my favorite tricks is “slow-motion running” when a couple pretends that they are in slow motion.


Choose locations wisely.

If it is your first photo session it is not a good idea to choose a very crowded spot, ask your photographer for more private spaces where you will feel comfortable to pose.

  Choose 2 locations.

  You can’t even imagine how hard it is to pose for 30 minutes straight, you need a break. If you will choose 2 locations close to each other, you will have 5-10 minutes break while you will be walking towards the second one.

Remember that all that matters at the end of the day is your love to each other ❤️.

  Here are all my tips for today and I hope all your photo session will be perfect as mine ❤️.