What do you need to know? 

It doesn't matter: do you hire the photographer for the first time or have photo sessions every week.

I am happy that you are here and ready to create something wonderful!


Why do you need to choose me? 

I am not that kind of photographer that just press black button and let it go. I want you to be happy, to have fun and remember it as one of your best experiences. I do things differently, my way, so don't expect forced smiles, uncomfortable company, and weird poses. 

I know, that right now you read this information because you are looking for someone who can capture your memories. I am here for you.

But I want you to know: I am not a sales assistant and you are not my customer. So there are no things as client and etc. I want to be your friend, someone who will get a chance to know you better. 

What should you expect? 


Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer or not, I want you to feel comfortable the way you are. 


You already made the first step, I will help you to do the rest. You will get all information regarding what to wear, how to choose a place, how to pose and etc. 


Why you are here? 

Because your life is worth being captured in a little different way.

You are totally worth being able to look back at these photos for years and feel the love and connection that you have right now. I am focused on the real emotions that I see between the people and I want these photos to be the proof of what you feel to each other. 

So what can I say? 

Let's capture your memories together.